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INDPLAS is the largest International Exhibition on Plastics to be held in Eastern India and one of the largest plastics exhibition in India.

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Febrauary 28th - 3rd March 2025

Why Exhibit at

Exhibiting at the Indplas exhibition in Kolkata offers numerous benefits for businesses


Showcase your products, services, and innovations to a targeted audience, increasing brand visibility and recognition within the industry.


Connect with potential customers, suppliers, distributors, and partners, fostering valuable business relationships and collaborations.

Lead Generation

Capture leads and inquiries from interested attendees, generating potential sales opportunities and business prospects.

Market Research

Gain insights into market trends, consumer preferences, and competitor offerings by engaging with visitors and industry peers.

Product Launch Platform

Launch new products or services in a focused environment, gaining immediate feedback and generating buzz within the industry.

Brand Positioning

Establish your brand as a leader or innovator in the plastics sector, enhancing credibility and reputation among industry stakeholders.

Educational Opportunities

Educate attendees about your products, technologies, and solutions through demonstrations, presentations, and interactive sessions.

Stay Competitive

Stay ahead of competitors by showcasing your latest advancements, staying updated on industry trends, and networking with key players.

Market Expansion

Explore new markets and regions, especially in the eastern part of India, expanding your customer base and business reach.

ROI Potential

Achieve a return on investment by converting leads into sales, forming strategic partnerships, and gaining valuable market insights to inform future business decisions.

Market Horizon

Get visitors from all over India especially from all Eastern Indian states and neighbouring countries of Nepal, Bangladesh , Bhutan and Myanmar.

Why Visit

Visiting the Indplas exhibition in Kolkata with the theme "Future is East" offers unique insights and opportunities
Regional Innovation Hub

Explore cutting-edge technologies and developments driving the plastics industry in the eastern region.

Market Dynamics

Gain insights into the unique market trends and business opportunities specific to the eastern region.


Connect with industry leaders and stakeholders from the region, fostering collaborations and partnerships.

Cultural Exchange

Experience the intersection of tradition and innovation, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the East.

Sustainability Focus

Learn about sustainable practices and initiatives tailored to the local context.

Investment Opportunities

Identify potential investments in infrastructure and research & development in the eastern region.

Cross-Cultural Dialogue

Engage in dialogue with diverse professionals, enriching your perspective and fostering global collaborations

Strategic Positioning

Position your business to leverage the growth potential of the eastern region in the plastics industry.

Exhibitor Categories


Trade Promotion Bodies, Professional Associations, Trade Magazine Publishers
Printing, Packaging, Finished Plastic Goods
Recycling & Reprocessing Sectors
Master batches, Additives, Fillers, Colourants, Speciality Chemicals and Inks.
Ancillary Equipment, Instrumentation, Moulds & Dies
Plastics Processing Machine
Raw Material Polymers and Resins Intermediates Blend & Alloys

Specials At

Theme Pavilion

The special show is the industry's global stage. Exciting formats will demonstrate and discuss how the future can be shaped with plastics.


The forum for research and teaching: universities, colleges and scientific institutions will be presenting their latest research and are ready to talk to you.

Recycling Pavilion

Don't miss the accompanying events at Plastfocus. The agenda features both expert discussions and entertaining presentations and sports activities as well as exciting experiments.

Team Member 1

Shri lalit Agarwal

Welcome to Indplas’25, the premier platform for the plastics industry in Eastern India. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity for all members of the plastic industry to showcase their activities under

Team Member 2

Shri Ashok Jajodia

Welcome to Indplas’25, the most promising Plastics Exhibition in Eastern India.It’s my honor to Chair the Indplas Exhibition Committee for the third time.Eastern India is the fastest growing region in the

Team Member 3

Shri Amit Kr. Agarwal

Welcome to INDPLAS'25!

I am delighted to invite you to INDPLAS'25, Eastern India's largest International Plastics Exhibition, to be held at Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan (Milan Mela) Kolkata, West Bengal


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